The World of Fundraising is Changing, It’s Time to

Use Data Analytics to RevUp Your Results

RevUp Software, the Silicon Valley-based

data analytics start-up that brings groundbreaking

efficiency to fundraising, received the 2017

Reed Award for Most Innovative Product Of The Year

and the 2017 Pollie Award for the Best Use of Analytics.

Successful prospecting requires skill, planning, research and respect for your friends and colleagues. By analyzing the networks of individual fundraisers, RevUp provides a unique opportunity for organizations to maximize their fundraising efforts. An easy-to-use process enables internal and external fundraisers to upload and rank their contacts based on their giving profile.

RevUp’s experience provides a unique view on how to accelerate the fundraising efforts of academic, nonprofit and political organizations. Complement your existing software with RevUp’s unique data analytics. Take the pain out of fundraising, save time and increase donations with RevUp in your toolkit.

RevUp's unique Ranking Bars takes fundraising to the next level.
Rank Your Contacts

Rank and Protect Your Contacts

Ranks your personal contacts using analytics and algorithms designed specifically for
your industry.

Analyze Prospect History and Profile

Analyze Prospect History and Profile

Reviews scores and historical giving data to help you make informed requests

Track Inbound Gifts and Donations

Track Inbound Gifts and Donations

Provides manual and automatic donation tracking tools for fundraisers and administrators

Monitor Fundraiser Activity

Monitor Fundraiser Activity

Enables program administrators to add, track, and measure the efforts of volunteer fundraisers

The RevUp Academic Solution will empower your institution to exceed it's goals.

The RevUp academic solution provides institutions with tools to leverage alumni as part of the development team. Fundraisers can target their networks quickly and efficiently with RevUp’s analytics tools.

The RevUp Non-Profit Solution is tailored to a unique industry.

The RevUp non-profit solution enables organizations and fundraisers to quickly determine which prospects are best suited for a specific campaign or event.

RevUp's Political Solution has a track record that is beyond comparison to traditional methods.

The RevUp political solution enables campaigns and committees to offer analytics tools to staff and volunteers to streamline their fundraising efforts. Raisers can respectfully identify contacts with similar interests.

About RevUp

RevUp Software is a Silicon Valley-based SaaS start-up that designs tools to help non-profits, academic institutions, and political organizations leverage data analytics and social media to meet and exceed their fundraising goals.

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